What can HGA do for you?

Through Hauber Global Advisors, I provide infrastructure consulting services to public sector agencies, non-government organizations, and private sector entities.

I have deep familiarity with the mechanics of putting together, placing and closing infrastructure and energy sector projects. I have both raised and placed equity capital and both borrowed and lent debt for highly complex, large-scale, cross-border transactions. I have developed client-appropriate market expansion/entry and asset strategies for infrastructure across global markets and executed the M&A transactions to affect those strategies. And I have first-hand experience with difficult economic, social and political environments that, for both developing and developed country governments worldwide, are common hurdles.

What does this all mean?  What can I do for you?

  • Strategies, market assessments, investment/lending criteria
  • PPP policy, guidelines, institutional design and implementation
  • Project screening, prioritization, evaluation and preparation
  • Project development, specifications, procurements strategies, contract structures
  • Financial structuring, modeling, marketing and closing
  • Implementation oversight and performance management
  • Portfolio assessment, optimization and supporting M&A buy or sell transactions
  • Long term plans, short term improvements in operations and investments

How can I help you realize your vision?

Let’s work together to build infrastructure!

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