Strategy and Market Assessment

There are good assets and good markets. There bad assets in good markets. There are good assets in bad markets. There are shades of gray all in between. Some companies and their capabilities are well suited to certain markets, amenable to certain partners, but maybe not with others. How do you know for sure what what to do?

HGA has extensive experience in creating market entry and asset optimization strategy for infrastructure players worldwide. We take the time to understand the fundamentals of the markets, their regulation (or lack thereof), and the role assets and companies play in those markets. Whether coming up with new approaches for clients or reality checking internal thinking, HGA has over 20 years of providing deep and reliable insights.

Strategy and Market Assessment Experience

Global power and gas investment strategy: El Paso Corp.  Developed a global investment strategy by conducting detailed supply-demand assessments, competitor analyses and price forecasts in over 20 national markets.  Provided strategic recommendations for potential regional and country-specific plays from gas exploration through to electricity consumers in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Examined synergies with existing El Paso assets, latent or inherent portfolio optionality, and identified of suitable acquisition candidates.

LNG to Power investments: Chevron Global Power Generation Group.   Targeting Korea and China, conducted a comprehensive long-term assessment of natural gas-electric value chain investment potential and gas marketing opportunities. Identified key risk factors and mitigants through in-country reconnaissance. Created fundamental market demand and supply model for the at-the-time nascent Chinese gas market. Developed a custom economic and financing model that adjusted capital structure to match market conditions in each target country.

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