J. Grant Hauber – Managing Director

Drawing on over 25 years’ of global experience in infrastructure development, Grant advises public and private entities on structuring, financing, contracting and implementing infrastructure projects and designing the underlying policies that support them.  Working from a base in infrastructure project finance, Grant has acted across the spectrum of transaction roles as equity principal, project developer, project financial advisor and lender, and asset strategist.  From extensive experience in the energy sector, his technical portfolio includes transport, water and public facilities.

Geographically, Grant’s client experience spans 40 countries, from the developing markets of Asia to MENA to Europe and North America. In particular, he has served Asian clients for over 20 years, 15 years of which was done from regional bases in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila, Philippines.

Grant’s advice and insights come from hard-won perspective derived from practical, on-the-ground experience, crafting projects from concept through completion, often in challenging political-economic environments from first-mover positions.

Project Development, Project Finance

Grant arrived in India in 1995, as a representative of Hong Kong-based power developer Consolidated Electric Power Asia, at the beginning of the independent power generation boom. He was thrust into the lead developer role early in his career and labored the next two years shaping the path-breaking 3,960 MW Hirma power project that brought together six state governments as power purchasers.

In Viet Nam, as a member of ANZ Investment Bank’s project finance advisory team, Grant supported financial structuring and project modeling for EDF International’s successful bid for the precedent-setting 715 MW Phu My 2.2 power project. In early 2013, just after the reopening of newly democratic Myanmar, Grant was advising the Ministry of Electricity and Energy on its IPP program and creating a framework for tendering and contracting supply on a PPP basis.

From that point, he helped North American and European clients work on pan-Asian infrastructure investments, help build, sell, and optimize asset portfolios in conventional, clean energy, and carbon emissions mitigation projects.

Public-Private Partnerships

Informed by the early days of emerging market cross-border project finance, Grant translated this experience into support for governments pursuing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). He began  advising on policy, institutional development, and to providing them internal guidance to implement public-private partnerships (PPPs) frameworks, financing facilities, and tackle individual projects.

As a principal with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), he worked with client developing country governments across South and Southeast Asia. In particular, he was instrumental in supporting the design and implementation of the now PPP Authority for the Government of Bangladesh. He was also one of the co-author’s of the ADB’s PPP Operational Plan 2012-2020, a strategic vision document for the Bank that was a first amongst development finance institutions.


Grant is an experienced Civil Engineer, holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, with a concentration in structural engineering.

He also holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management, where he was co-founder of the energy student interest group and a collaborator with faculty on the design of the first energy industries course offered by the school.

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